Vetoed Trade

12 team, .5 ppr

I’ve been desperately trying to improve my team that was 1-2 going into week 4. I’ve been sending trade offers out to all and finally found a taker with one of the 0-3 teams (picked Bell at #3) He needed to improve his talent level, but also his depth. My depth is pretty good and my 2 losses were by 2 and 3
points, so it seemed I could easily turn my season around.

I proposed to trade him L. Fitzgerald, I. Crowell, T Cohen, and E. Ebron for Tyreek Hill and Cooper Kupp.

I feel as though I’m getting the better side of the deal, but I was giving up a fair amount of depth to improve the top of my lineup. He accepted the trade and I was beyond ecstatic. A couple hours later I got an email letting me know the trade had been vetoed by votes of the league. I sent a message/email to the league as to why it was vetoed. Yet to get any responses. It has always been my opinion that I would never veto, unless it was obvious the someone was trying to tank their team and give away pieces for pennies on the dollar. I don’t feel like that is the situation here, but I could be wrong. A couple questions: How do you feel about this scenario? What are your feelings on vetoes of trades? Was the deal that uneven that it needed to vetoed? I’m beyond bothered by this situation because I feel like people just auto veto based on just the sight of an uneven trade, but I could be wrong. Looking forward to hearing back from everyone!

There’s nothing wrong with that trade as a whole, but i’m sure everyone’s viewing Crowell and Cohen as weak players even though Cohen might now be the RB to own in Chicago. IMO trades shouldn’t be vetoe’d unless the balance is drastically shifted. In one league someone who was new was offered Ebron + Royce Freeman for AB. That is one i would have vetoe’d if the owner hadn’t rejected.

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Like an automated email? Or a written email from somebody? What site do you use for your league?

I ask bc that makes it sound like they had all been chatting w each other about it before voting. I think it’s fair play when the voting is anonymous. If people in the league are essentially conspiring behind your back and coming to agreements to keep your team from getting better players, and THEN doing the vote afterward, then that is BS in my opinion. That would constitute collusion. Voting’s gotta be anonymous.

Or not necessarily anonymous but just done separately. In a way that doesn’t let people influence each other one way or the other.

I play at Yahoo. It’s anonymous and it’s a one day review. It was vetoed in 3 hours, which means people viewed the trade because it had been accepted and they decided to veto it because in a vacuum, I’m getting the better side of the deal, but when seeing the teams, he just needs players and I’m taking advantage of trading my depth away. If they don’t want my trade to happen then they should have been trying to take advantage of a desperate manager.

An email gets sent to the league when a trade is accepted and it notifies people that they have the opportunity to veto. I also emailed the league after it was vetoed asking for clarification from those that vetoed it as to why.

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There’s a lot of bias introduced anytime you have a veto system. I’m the Commish of a keeper league and I implemented a 2 vote veto system just in case of heavily one-sided trades, but we recently got a new member. Guy’s a huge stickler for everything, and said he’d considered vetoing a trade that I just initiated (I traded away Alex Collins and Quincy Enunwa, who both are starters on their teams with decent floors, for Devonta freeman and Alshon Jeffrey, two injured players with high-risk high-reward season upside). Couldn’t give me a reason for wanting to veto it other than he didn’t like it. If teams think it gives you an edge against them, of course they won’t want your trade to go through.


Yeah I know how it works. Just wanted to check. That’s how I’ve adapted to playing fantasy sports when it’s public leagues with people I don’t know. It can be super aggravating and I understand how you feel and have had it happen. But it doesn’t sound like people got together to deliberately block it from going through. It sounds like everyone individually felt that way. Which, to me, is a kind of low-blow but ultimately fair strategy unfortunately.

Unless I’m incorrect and you are in a league w friends or something?

I mean you absolutely won that trade, but with that said I wouldn’t veto it at all either. This is why there should be no veto by the league. My league is commish only(I’m the commish) and I would only use it if it’s obviously something weird going on. Granted this is a league of guys that all know each other so that’s most likely never going to happen.

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If people see your trade, then call each other and tell each other to Veto it, and THEN actually officially put their vote in after planning on it – then that would be what I call cheating.

It sounds like what I laid out above didn’t happen, but you should make sure it didn’t happen / isn’t continuing if it is happening already, bc it could be the case. And you might suggest to the commish to increase the # of votes required for an overturning. And you could ask to rescind the veto too and see what happens. It’s not an outlandish trade and two people in the league agreed to it in good faith. I just assume it was Veto’ed strategically bc people don’t want you to have better players, regardless of whether it was a cheating kind of trade or not on your part (which I know it isn’t). So it’s just a question of whether anybody colluded to accomplish that or not.

Firstly well done on getting that accepted and catching someone on full tilt - that is robbery and exactly the deal you should go for with winless teams.

Veto’s are total BS, and frankly i fail to understand why platforms allow the voting system anymore. It’s for clear collusion and nothing more, if someone ‘wins’ a trade much like this one then that’s tough, it takes one person to propose and the other to accept after all?

Not sure if you can communicate with everyone in your league and as you are mid season it’s tough to change rules but I’d tell them you’re pissed and it’s not a valid veto reason. I tried and failed to get veto’s removed in my league this year, it makes the whole fantasy football experience tainted and really does detract the fun of doing and trying to get deals done because now you know if you win a trade, the chances are the rest of your league mates will see that too and block it which removes one of the main and most enjoyable part of the game.

I’d potentially leave that league, I’d certainly leave mine next year if a trade that wasn’t collusion got vetoed. You have to get that rule changed or at least agree on grounds so that you can throw it out there to avoid these events in the future.

Rant over, as you were

Totally agree, but IMO that is a BS reason to veto. If the trade is agreed to by two managers and they are both trying to win the trade, then I see no reason as to why people need to veto the trade. Not liking it because it makes one team stronger is a ridiculous reason and its a misuse of the veto power.

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Yes, league with friends/acquaintances which bothers me even more!

I’ve considered dropping every droppable player to create chaos hahaha

Don’t do that. That’s a really annoying thing to do

Not that the veto wasn’t a really annoying thing to do…but just see what the deal is first

NO VETOS. NEVER. NEVER EVER. There should be no mechanism to veto a trade by franchises ever, ever, ever.

That is all.

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I won’t do that, but thats what I FEEL like doing.

You sound like a tyrant! Haha.