Vikings backfield. handcuffs?

I have Cook on my dynasty team and also am holding Boone.

How does everyone feel about abdullah ? Should I hold both? or is one the better hold than the other?

Boone just looked so electric last season in pre.

thanks in advance

If you have space to add or someone you can safely drop sure but I wouldn’t go adding him just to lock in the vikings rbs.

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I like abdullah

Abdullah is not worth rostering in my opinion.

He signed a 1 year contract for only $810,000. If the Vikings cut him the dead cap is just $45,000. I would consider him a candidate to not make the 53 man roster.

At most he is the Vikings return man.

Further, I expect the Vikings to draft an RB.

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How dare you promote Abdullah!

In all honesty, he had his shot but he unfortunately went to Detroit. Past his prime at this point.

Abdullah would be great in flag football, not real football.