Vikings D Replacements

Hi all,

With injuries stacking up for the Vikings D going up against NO, would you recommend any of the following as replacements this week?

Colts vs Oakland
Washington vs Giants
Steelers vs Cleveland


steelers look best this week

Keep trying to decide whether to drop ARZ and grab PIT. WASH is also available. DADGUMMIT…I know a lot say that DST’s shouldn’t be rostered, BUT…LOL…they’ve won me a couple of weeks. And this week, it could be a close one for me.

Seriously thinking about grabbing PIT or WASH. GRRRR

Steelers look good

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Don’t sleep on that Washington D

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Thanks for your imput @VStacks. Sooo….your reasons for them over PIT??? Really torn between the two. But…for the record…for some reason really thinking about them. DADGUMMIT…drives me nuts trying to decide on D/ST’s. BUT…hey…THEY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, much to the disagreement of some.

Same dilemma here, Pitts at home off a bye vs a rookie QB sounding really good to me. I also have cards d and thinking of going with steelers.

@Klc. OMG!!! Soooo glad you said that. That’s been my EXACT thoughts on whether to pick PIT up. Wash also looks really, really good, and been leaning with them all week, but…for some reason, NOW seriously thinking PIT.

LOL…and for those thinking that DST’s are useless…I really think my line-up otherwise is good. MY DST spot is what could sink me this week. My opponent and I are so close it’s getting scary!!!