Vikings RB - pick up Boone if already have Mattison?

League of record. Full ppr. In the championship. Had both Cook and Godwin. Need some advice.

My starting RBs are Cook and Sanders. I have Hunt and Mattison on the bench. Obviously there’s a chance that both Cook and Mattison are out. With the Monday game, should I consider making a claim for Boone (let’s me wait and see on DC/AM status, but then if they’re both out I’ll have to play him), or would you just stick with Hunt?

I have Matison and I still took my chance on Boone.

I tried to get Boone but was outbid. So far can’t say Mattison even plays.

I did this same thing…already have Mattison but picked up Boone…I wanted Perriman but my opponent grabbed him

Boone bandwagon. Have Cook and Mattison and I picked up Boone.
It’s a really important game for Minn and GB run defense is too good of a match up to not go up against.