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Villainous League of Debauchery! Need members. ESPN, 12 man, 1/2 PPR


Looking for people interested in a Movie Villain Themed League. 12 man, 1/2 PPR. Free! Looking for players who want to have fun, but take FF seriously. I have been a commissioner for a keeper league for the past 8 years and looking to do something different and have a little fun with this one. Leave your email address if you are interested!



Definitely interested! brandonchrisman14@gmail.com


Awesome! I’ll get you set up.


I would like to join. Email is kkudart@gmail.com


Great! Got you in there! Be on the lookout for the email!


Keen. What’s your “something a bit different”?


Something more fun than “Team Anderson” with no communication and people just fizzle out. We’ll have a trash talking platform (tbd) and just an overall more themed and enjoyable league. This is my 9th year as a commissioner for my keeper league and we have a pretty great time! I just thought it’d be fun to play with some cool new people…plus who doesn’t love a villain, let alone a league full of them.


I’d like to play if there is still room available. I have been looking for a serious/fun league. My email address is thomaspullen9@gmail.com


I would be willing to play! tatejohnson92@yahoo.com


niswander91@gmail.com if there is still room!


@pullent9 There’s room! Just sent you the email invite.


Sent you one, too! @tatejohnson6


You too! @colcord91


Still got room? drewoliveira96@yahoo.com


I’m down if you still have room tommyashley4444@gmail.com


Say no more, I am there if you need another member. soltis13@gmail.com




Yep! Just sent you an invite. Pick your favorite villain team name, photo and join the action!


@tommy_ashley Last spot! Pick your favorite villain team name, photo and sign up. Link just sent!


@scott_soltis You have the first wait list spot if you are still interested. If anyone drops out, I’ll send you an invite.