Virgin Dynasty Startup

Finally starting a dynasty league with my buddies and need any and all tips. It’s going to be a 10 man dynasty league 1/2 ppr scoring. Thinking about popping my Sleeper cherry as well. Team size/structure, bench size, rules, anything will be much appreciated

Take me with you.

I just started a dynasty and am very happy with the league. Sleeper is very cool as well. As the commish I like being able to easily pin important messages and set up polls. I use polls a lot to allow the league to switch roster rules and scoring with a super majority vote. Mock drafts are easy to setup too. That’s the theme of sleeper imo, super easy to use, efficient, and seamless. Long as your phone isn’t absolute trash, sleeper app is A++

Shoot me an email if you’d like myself and two more active players to join up and make it a 12 man league :+1:t3:

Currently looking to fill one more slot, if we can’t find someone I’ll shoot you a message to fill the last slot

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Think about faab in the offseason as well as the regular season or if you want to take a break. My dynasty league didn’t talk about that until after the superbowl so we basically ended up wasting on offseason of potential trades/pickups.

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