Voting against a trade you made. fantasy no-no?

traded james conner two days ago for a top 4 kicker thinking bell would show up, still have an hour to vote against my own trade. feels kind of bad doing that, but it is a competition against the others and I could use a strong rb2.

what do you guys think the protocol here is? (league vote, not commish veto)

Well, if you do, you’ll be labeled as “that guy” which will likely mean no one will want to trade with you down the stretch… at least, that’s how I’d view it. That being said, it’s your right to vote against… I wouldn’t despite wanting to.

Yea i think i would feel bad about it, just gonna let it go

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Don’t do anything. You traded a potential lead back for a K. You deserve to lose that trade.


Veto it. Its fantasy football not real life. You wont lose sleep over it.

You also won’t be someone people will be trading with going forward. I guess if you’re fine playing solo fantasy for the season, you could do it. And then if bell shows up Saturday, going to be some sweet karma coming your way.

This is the dude you don’t want to be in a league with.

Circumstances changed. Its all fair in love and war.

Agree with you there. Personally, I’m not burning trading partnerships down the road with the entire league for a maybe that isn’t going to change my season. Especially if its a league that is multi-year.

Never know what’s going to happen down the road and what trades you might need. So in fantasy, similar to in real life, I don’t burn bridges.

I dont really understand how anybody would know? Terrible trade offer tho

There is a hell of a lot shadier shit that could go down in a league than changing your mind on a trade after circumstances significantly changed. This veto likely wouldn’t “burn any bridges.”

I assume the votes are anonymous as well. Either way im gonna let it ride, with my luck, I’ll vote against it and Bell will show up lol

If a trade vote system is employed and even worse if it allows the traders a vote, than I’d say take full advantage.

There should not be a trade vote system.
Trade partners should not have a vote.
You should never trade for a kicker.

Only one of those items are on you. Unless you lobbied for the other two?

Maybe this will be the catalyst to update your league trade rules.

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alright let me clear this up for everyone coming at me for trading a kicker: conner was the last guy on my bench so i was going to drop him for a mid tier kicker, (this was monday), i figured bell would show up but id wait a day or two. so i sent some offers out for better players tuesday but no luck. i talked to the bell owner, and because i was going to drop conner for a mid tier kicker anyways i offered him conner for Bryant (better than a waiver kicker). I traded a low value guy (at the time) for a kicker to bolster my team for the season, bell could have shown up wednesday and he would have been streaming kickers and I would have had a good one (locked in 12-14 points a week, basically equal to a mid-low rb2 in points)

Trade now says processing 9/7. irritated with this cause now that means i cant play bryant tonight as i had intended, bigger issure for me right now and actual grounds for voting against it, as I had previously understoon the tarde would take 2 days to process (9/4-9/6)

Honestly, this does not justify trading away a potential RB for a K. You wait till the last second for a K. Who cares if you have to stream. Also, Bryant, is just meh. There are plenty of kickers on the waiver wire with great match-ups who will get you the 8-9 points. Sure it’s 3 points less but for 3 points in one week, you traded away the upside of a potential starting RB. Things change extremely quick in the NFL. Hard to predict anything. Especially when you have a situation like this where Bell holding out was actually a realistic scenario. Hell, I would’ve rather held a bunch of other guys in addition to conner all the way until Saturday rather than trade for a kicker. Really no justification for it.

I think this is easy to say given hindsight bud. sure now the trade looks dumb, but if bell would have showed up it would have been an easy win for me. i believe by end of season bryant has more points than conner does. Secondly, I wanted conner to go to the bell owner if he was going to leave my team as a form of damage control, where another stronger team wouldnt pick him up. if i would have dropped conner as i planned to, i run the risk of someone else grabbing him, and starting him against me as the second rb1 on an opposing team. at least by trading him to the bell owner i was able to mitigate any potential super team facing me (bell and conner will not both be rb1s in the same week, so by giving him to the bell owner i dont have to worry about this).

This is not based on hindsight. Whenever my draft occurs before the NFL season, I frequently hold high upside RB dart throws until the very last second. This year, that was guys like Conner/Kelly/Edmonds. Last year it was guys like Kamara, Conner, Penny. I don’t roster K or D, sometimes not even TEs in their place, certainly would never trade them, a kicker or a D. If you made that decision on Saturday, cool, cause games starting, but you did it a week early trying to guess how the situation would play out which is silly. I practice what I preach. This is not based on results. It just so happens that the results in this case highlighted how bad of the decision this was. In fact if it was Saturday and bell came back and you came out here and said damn, I have to start Buffalo K cause I held Conner too long, I’d be applauding you. Can’t be results driven in fantasy, I’m not stupid enough to think I can predict with that much accuracy. I’ve come out here and said many times I can’t take credit for my Mckinnon predictions due to injury, its stupid. It’s not hind sight, it’s just smart to keep guys, especially when the situation was as murky as it was for Conner rather than getting a K.


ok enjoy the fantasy season dude, i think were done here

You too sir. happy hunting.