Wait for gronk or play ertz?

Standard scoring. I drafted Zach ertz as my gronk insurance (I know i got lucky there) do I roll out with ertz tonight or take the chance with gronks situation on sunday?

Here’s what you do…you play Ertz the rest of the season and trade Gronk. It makes no sense to have the top two TEs on your roster. It makes for an inefficient roster. Trade Gronk for a solid RB2 and let him be their problem. If you are sitting Ertz at any point during the season you are doing it wrong. Imagine have Rogers and Brady…and you had to sit Rogers for a week so that you could play Brady. Doesn’t make any sense.

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My top 3 running backs are bell, hunt and miller.
My top 4 wrs are diggs, m.Thomas, hilton and crabtree

Still trade Gronk, just because you have good backs and WRs doesn’t mean your roster can’t get better. If you really want to keep Gronk, then trade Ertz. It is a complete waste of an asset to have one of them sitting on your bench. But I would certainly keep Ertz because of the injury history with Gronk. Trade him for a QB, for anything.

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Would you trade gronk and diggs for aj green?

That’s certainly close. In your case I would, but would probably wait until next week after the bye if possible. Your team is good, so you need high floor players and Diggs is the exact opposite of high floor. I might try that same offer for Hopkins.

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