Waive wire RBs this week

Looking for advice whether I should pick any of these options on the wire, or stick with what I have. Looking for a long term prospect at RB. 10 team full PPR

M Davis
D Foreman

Current RBs are:

D Johnson
Conner (will try and trade this week)
R Freeman
K Johnson
Ron Jones

Let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance

Think I’d be most interested I’d rate them M Davis>Clement>Foreman>Smallwood. They are all a total guessing game but Davis has shown me the most over the past couple years of anyone else I think. It’s not really much though, so that is the level of play we’re talking about here to set expectations for this.

I would keep what you have. Eagles backs are best pickup, but still a timeshare. Talk the upside shot on Ronald jones

Thanks guys…

May save my waiver wire priority for foreman down the road if jones doesn’t work out.

Thanks for the help again.

Foreman is the only one worth targeting and that’s only if your league has a IR spot. Eagles backs might be worthless if they trade for Shady.

Still too early to stash foreman (Texans are saying mid november from what i’ve read)
Davis is looking solid.
Eagles is a coin toss, but smallwood looked more solid