Waiver Add/Drop Help

Any advice as to who I might be able to package in a trade or drop to waivers…? I’m 1-3, and have never been here. Kinda freaking out. PPR

L. Fitz-Starter
M. Lee-Bench
A. Collins-Bench

I also have John Brown who I am tempted to start over Fitz, but Fitz has had better games by a point so far.

Jaron or John. I’m assuming Jaron. Also…10-team?

It’s John Brown 12 team

I’d try and move on Fitzgerald.
Macklin and Lee won’t get you much value in trades so keep unless there is better on waivers after some tilting (seen snead , Pryor and funchess all on waivers)

You may be able to get a starter for fitz plus as you said John brown is getting there. Word of caution brown Will suffer an injury at some point so it’s more a rode while he’s fit but if you’re worried about that you should move brown on