Waiver Add - Mostert or Deandre Washington

I’ll likely be able to add either one (number #1 waiver owner is out of the playoffs).

I have Josh Jacobs, so should I use my waiver on his replacement (Washington) against Jax, or Mostert who’s been on fire against Atlanta?

Really having trouble with this one.

responding so I can updates on this as well…

I have Jacobs and luckily put in Freeman early sunday when I hear he may not play. But Freeman has SF. SO I am also trying to decide which of these 2 guys to go with.

If Jacobs sits then Washington obviosuly is great. but if Jacobs plays they may split carries and both wont be any good.

I currenlty have a big waiver claim (most of my FAAB) on Mostert. I figure if I dont get him and Jacobs doesn’t play Washington will still be sitting on waivers sunday.