Waiver advise

My record is 2-2 in a 12 man PPR league. I haven’t started trading yet but since I am 7th in the waiver wire this week, it seems I may have to go there. I want to start trying to pick up underperforming/ injured “stud” players but also want to better my team as a whole. I notice that I am weak at WR and my QBs aren’t the best. If it matters, Week 8 is when I will lose Giants players, JAX DST, JJ Nelson, and Mariota to the bye week and week 9 is when I lose Bell, Gillislee, Conner. Here is my line-up:

QB: Eli Manning
RB1: Le’Veon Bell
RB2: Mike Gillislee (Don’t like how TD dependent he is on the Pats)
WR1: DeAndre Hopkins
WR2: Brandon Marshall
TE: Evan Engram
FLX: Wendell Smallwood
K: Dan Bailey
D/ST: Jacksonville Jaguars

Relevant Bench:
Marcus Mariota (Questionable)
Terrelle Pryor (BYE)
Andy Dalton
J.J. Nelson
Jared Cook

Other Bench Players:
James Conner (Le’Veon Handcuff)
Coby Fleener (BYE)

well you have two to many tight ends. You dont need 3 tight ends. keep 2 if not 1. who’s the top waiver prospects?

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Ah I forgot to mention I would be dropping Fleener and JJ if I couldn’t use them in package trades today. Top WR is Golladay, Wallace, Torrey Smith, Robert Woods, Kupp. Top RB is Aaron Jones, Murray, McKinnon. Top TE is ASJ, Ben Watson, Zach Miller. I was stashing good TEs at one point since a lot of my opps are hurting at TE.

Over time I learned that I couldn’t pick up a player thinking another owner wanted them. If they wanted them, they’d be gone. Focus on dropping the players you don’t need (extra TE, etc) and adding players that help you. If one turns out to be great and is expendable, then offer trades.

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I ended up dropping Coby Fleener for Jaron Brown and now have him at WR2. I would really like either another decent RB or WR as I only have 1 at each position and find myself streaming one or the other each week. I have James Conner as the eventual handcuff if Bell gets hurt, but is it time to drop him in favor for a better player I could use in trades? Do I start out with small trades first before I go on to big ones? I have alot of questions with this being my first year with Fantasy Football.

So theres no need to start small with trades, just make sure you’re improving with each move. I don’t like Handcuffs, I just hold onto some FAAB and that’s effectively my handcuff.