Waiver - Bryce Edwards

Should I drop Bryce Edwards for Corey Davis?

Standard league

I would try to target someone a bit more productive and dependable. Davis can disappear at times and he’s a real struggle to own. In a standard league, each waiver is important. I like to think of it as improvements and moving up instead of moving within the same tier.

True. I just have be listening to the “this year’s Parker” hype.

Bryan Edwards is droppable. If Davis is the best target available in your league…sure, why not. I would not pick Davis up above Shenault, Aiyuk, or Gage (who are available in a lot of leagues).

Very deep league. Only Gage is available and it is not PPR. Mike still has some faith in Edwards. Maybe I will stick with him for one more week.

I’m okay with that. Most of Gage’s work was in garbage time.

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