Waiver claim dilemma

I have a really interesting dilemma.

We had our draft hours before the J.K. Dobbins injury. After the draft got entered the next morning. two guys in the league both put in waiver claims for Gus Edwards ($41 and $53.) At some point after those claims were entered, the commissioner realized he hadn’t changed the FAAB from $100 to $1000 like it should’ve been. When waivers went through, there were 4 other offers for Gus ($200, $300, $333, and $427.)

The guy who bid $53 contacted the commissioner first thing that morning about it because he was trying to bid 53% of his FAAB (his RBs are SUPER thin), but there was only $100 available to him when he put in the claim.

Our commissioner has acknowledged that both he and the $53 bidder were at fault and decided to put it to a league vote for one of two options:

  1. Give Gus Edwards to the $53 bidder for $530 and refund the $427 in FAAB to the other owner.

  2. Reset all rosters and have everyone rebid for everyone who was claimed. (the only others were Goedert and Ty’Son Williams, each for under $100)

I’m curious what you would do. Personally, I think the “most fair” solution would actually be to put Gus back on waivers for rebidding and refund the owner who got him for $427, but leave all other claims, since they don’t appear as though they would’ve been affected by the Gus claim.

I agree with the first option. The bidder made a bona fide attempt to bid 53% of the FAAB money available to him at the time he made the bid–it was the Commissioner’s fault that the FAAB was later increased for subsequent bids.

Therefore, just increase the first bidder’s bid to the same percentage of the new FAAB pool, and award the player accordingly.

Rebidding isn’t really fair, because now everyone will bid like $600 or more.

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I 1000% agree with AxeElf. Second option to me gives more information and defeats the purpose of the blind bind. Not the guys fault IMO he bid 53% of the 100. I would give to him for $530.

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Yeah just adjust it to 530. A couple of commish roster moves and changing faab totals manually should fix it. One helpful thing to do post draft is to announce a time and date the waiver wire will open if you are a commish. That way you can have some time to change any things you may have missed, like changing to faab amount.