Waiver collusion or acceptable?

One of the questions on today’s episode reminded me of a situation in my league a few weeks ago. The team I was competing with for 1 seed had Alex Collins. He had more FAAB money left than me and I knew he was going to go after Gus Edwards. I posted a message in our group chat the day before waivers calling out the two guys in our league with all their FAAB money left and reminding them to spend it. I never directly said “hey, bid a bunch on Gus” but the guy with Alex Collins took it as that. Was I wrong? In the end, he still got Gus because those two barely bid anything.

A reminder that says “hey don’t forget to use your FAAB” is acceptable.

“hey guys bid on Gus Edwards” is not


Meh… This is tough. The issue is you made that comment with the intention to try and get those guys to grab Gus. You may not have directly said it but still. While I guess it is not “technically” collusion or against the rules, it was iffy. If you sent this reminder every week then there would be on issue. But the fact that you sent it just this one week because you wanted to try and block your opponent makes it a little sketch. Not the worst thing in the world by any means, just a little iffy in my mind.

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