Waiver Defense?

I have a dispensable roster spot and my Opponent (The #1 scoring team) is in dire need of a QB. I don’t need a QB (I have Rushelll Wilsssson). On the waiver wire are:

Tyrod Taylor
Case Keenam
Jacoby Brisket

1.) Would you make the move to block him from getting one of these guys?

2.) If so, Which would you choose. (I am leaning Tyrod).

I lean Taylor as well MEGALADONNNNNNNN

I am not sure how waivers in your league work but if dropped players go back into the 2 day waiver process and you want to block at least two, grab Keenum and then immediately drop him for Taylor or brisket so that Keenum goes back on waivers until after the game this week. If you can only block one I would probably lean tyrod as well…