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Waiver/Flex Dilemma


Up 34 point after starting Baltimore Def. Playing against a powerhouse team this week. Picked up Smallwood for this week because of the matchup. Should I keep Smallwood or pick up Kelley or Forte for the start and stash? Standard, 10 team, 1st place @ 5-2 with 5 other teams.


If it’s standard then I lean towards Forte with Kelley a close second.


Standard, I would lean towards Kelley. Two of the three games hes been healthy has been against philly, the only person to rush over 35 yards on them this year was Kareem Hunt. After first game against philly he went 12 for 78. Forte holds more value ppr, either way i like both better than smallwood. Also, you get the benefit of Kelley being through his bye week. Forte has his bye coming up week 11


Kelly has done nothing this year. Forte is a pass catching RB(McCown has been very good at throwing the ball) but can not stay healthy and shares carries with Powell. I have kept Smallwood because he gets a bigger share of carries and all of the pass catching RB targets. He would probably not get much goal line work (Blount).


So we have one for Forte, one for Kelley and one for Smallwood. Hahaha! See a dilemma.


I think about the touchdown possibility… Smallwood won’t see any goal line carries. Kelley has played two games this year and gets Dallas who is terrible against the run. Forte can score two ways as a pass catcher. That being said, I like Kelley against Dallas at a game at home.