Waiver grab or no

Have Kyle Pitts and Ricky Seals. Goedert was dropped so want to grab him with Ertz gone and drop Ricky. Also drop A.J.Dillon for J.D McKissic. Which one ? Have #1 Waiver also and thinking of waiting as with 6 teams on BYE someone might drop a good player. Wait or grab Goedert or McKissic.

Is it two TE? Honestly you have Pitts passed the bye so in single TE you can just set and forget with him.

Personally I’d drop RSJ for Dillon.

Can you share full roster, format and record?

Hi 1 TE and I have Dillon. Just wondering if I should let waivers pass and see if anyone gets dropped. 10 Team PPR. Record is 3-2. Had a good draft and made some good trades. Thanks

Russell Wilson on IR

Carson on IR

M Williams

Seals Jones

Hey, sorry misread i thought Dillon was available.

Nice squad, I’m in a similar lucky position in a 12 team PPR. I think you can afford to let waivers roll and save the priority to grab someone.

Bye week issues and frustrations will lead to some players getting dropped who shouldn’t.

Also managers will miss out and still be in a hole post waivers - then you can scan rosters and look to trade when they have less leverage.

McKissic is tempting just given Gibson’s issues, and RSJ is really of no value to you long term.

I’d either grab him and let RSJ or play the game and see who gets dropped.

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Cheers. Thanks