Waiver help : J. Waddle or M. William

I need help for my waiver priority.
I would drop E. Moore and get M. William or J. Waddle

Which one would you prioritize, M. William vs J. Waddle

In a 10 team, PPR, I have at WR:
C. Ridley
A. Robinson
D. Johnson
L. Shenault Jr
E. Moore

Thank you in advance for your help / comments !

I personally feel I would hold on Moore, but if you are itching to make a move, I would lean Williams because of the 12 targets he got.

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I’d hold for now. And given its 10 team I’d be really tempted to see who someone rage drops to make room for these guys. As I’m sure you’re not the only one with guys you’d rather keep that you’d need to part with to get one.

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I would personally pickup Williams. He was pegged as someone who could break out due to Herbert upside and his main knock was that he couldn’t stay healthy. Well, he showed Week 1 that he’s the #2 on a high passing offense and he’s not hurt… yet.

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Williams would be the pick.

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Thank you all for your reply and help.

I did put M Williams in my 1st pick and J Waddle in 2nd.

FYI, I was 3rd in priority to pick… so I ended with J. Waddle

Æ™, I.O.U.!