Waiver help Josh Allen available


I have a decent team with Goff, David Johnson, Conner, Thielen, woods, Waller, Chris Carson, miles sanders, Emanuel sanders, t locket, Godwin, Marvin Jones, mark andrews, Robby Anderson, Minnesota D, and jake Elliot.

I stocked up for trades but my league isn’t trading much… my question is this. I have josh Allen, courtland sutton and NE defense available…, would you drop Robby Anderson for Josh Allen? I think he will garner interest after week 2 and don’t want to lose the opportunity to grab him. Would you pick any of the other waivers?

Should mention it’s a 10 player ppr league

Not a chance. There is no reason to roster 2QBs in a 1QB league. I agree Allen will ball out and I’ve been all over him on these forums; but, dropping a WR3 with WR2 upside for a backup QB is the wrong call

Ok thanks for the help