Waiver help please

I’m in a 12 team standard league. I have Decker and Marvin Jones Jr on my bench but someone dropped Kelvin Benjamin. Should i pick him up and if so, who should I drop?

I would drop Marvin.

I think Decker is the most productive this week with Marvin facing Xavier and Kelvin playing a little banged up.

Hopefully Kelvin can play through injury going forward.

They all look to have good schedules in the near future.

Thanks man, i appreciate the help. I feel like Kelvin could be better ROS. I think the previous owner dropped him too quickly.

Yeah Cam’s been so bad to start the season but I just believe in Cam’s talent and determination to hope that he’s gonna put together a few good games and if we stash his favorite target I have faith that it’ll payoff eventually.

Carolina’s schedule looks good so it’s a decent bet in my opinion.