Waiver Help - Samuels or Tate

Full PPR. 12 Team League. Samuels and Tate are on the waivers. I feel like I need to snatch up Tate but I have a good amount of recievers.

My team:

  • Wilson
  • Cook, Lindsay, Michel, Cohen, Breida, Murray
  • Hopkins, Thielen, Boyd, Hardman, McLaurin
  • Ertz, Andrews


I’m assuming this is Jaylen Samuels and Golden Tate?

If so, I’m grabbing Jaylen for sure over Tate especially with your lineup.

Yes, Samuels. Your need is at RB and there is a slight possibility Conner doesn’t play. Could win you the week.

Awesome. Thank you! This is why I come to the clan. Thank you guys!