Waiver help! which QB to drop

I’ve got 3 QBs Prescott (just got in trade), rivers, and carr.
Should i drop carr to pick up

a jones
Full PPR


Carr for Collins

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Who are your bench players? What type of league is this? If this is a redraft league, I’d try to trade Rivers or Carr to the Rodgers owner for something better than what is on the waiver. Dak is past his bye and is consistent starter.

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It is redraft (for value of of their draft pick in previous year).

I’m trying to trade the rodgers owner, since he just picked up hendley. However he is leading 5-1 and hesitant to trade

On the bench I have
agholor (flex)
mcfadden (though about keeping him for two weeks but considering dropping him since at this point it’s likely that zeke will get an injunction for the rest of the season)
Fowler (dropped gabriel for him since sanu started practicing today)

I also have stewart as a flex.

I’m considering swapping fowler for doctson as a long term stash.

I’m confused. You have Fowler listed as a waiver option and on your bench. I’d still try to trade one of those qbs to the Rodgers owner if his options aren’t great. I don’t know how valuable either Collins or Jones are now that AP is in Zona and Rodgers is out. Goodluck.

Edit: I have Collins and Williams confused. I still think Fowler is the better option this week as the #2 in Denver.


The Aaron Rodgers owner turned down the trade and picked Hundley.
What doei just realized is that I play him next week and Hundley is on bye, so I’m definitely dropping Carr just so he can pick him up for free.

Don’t just give him Carr! Make him at least trade for him.

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Edit: definitely NOT Dropping Carr

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