Waiver help!

Asking for some waiver advice here. I’m 4th on the wire and all the top waiver RBs will be gone. I’m thinking about dropping Bengals D for Lions with my first pick, then when it snakes back looking to get Gallman, Rawls, Collins, or Lacey with my 2nd pick. Your advice is much appreciated.

I’d do the players first and the Lions second. I don’t like using my waiver priority on Defenses, but that’s just me. Also, just cuz you think the top RBs will be gone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least make a claim for them. You never know if someone might try to grab the Lions D with their first waiver and then target a player with their second lol. You might be able to scoop a quality guy!


Like your style, thanks!

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I agree. Players first. Defense second.

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Yeah, like @Bandaidbrand said. Great advice. Try to get the players you want.
I made that mistake week 1 this year. I was last in priority, 12 out of 12. Figured Tarik Cohen, Cooper Kupp, and a couple others were going to be swiped for sure and wouldn’t have a chance, so I didn’t put in a claim for any of them, but for a solid TE and defense. Boy was I wrong…I could of grabbed a couple huge pickups.

Thank you guys for the help, makes sense. Iv been to the big dance the last 3 years but haven’t won…I made some silly mistakes in my draft this year and now I’m trying to back peddle and figure my life back out on the wire. Thanks for the help.

Get Collins first I think. as they all say D later in wire.