Waiver on Mckinnon

12 team league

Currenlty 5-0 with #1 waiver. Considering using waiver on McKinnon. RB’s are scarce, but not sure I trust McKinnon long term as he has fizzled out in the past. Thoughts?

In the exact same boat… Opinions anybody ?

I guess it just depends on the depth you’ve got, he looked 10x’s better than Murray. I know he had a 56 yard run, but he also had a few 10+ yard runs that were called back for holding. Their offensive line is decent, and they don’t have that tough of a schedule moving forward.
I wouldn’t expect him to put up 20+ points every week, but the opportunity will be there because Murray just isn’t good. I had Murray and dropped him for McKinnon after the first quarter.

Take a flyer, if he does 75% of what Cook did, you’ll look like a genius.