Waiver options for a couple teams

12 team std: I have Mariota… Should I bench him and run out McCown?

12 team ppr: Have Engram should I drop/bench him for Clay/Seals? If not drop him who should I drop?

Corey Coleman
Corey Davis
J. Maclin

General questions: Should Davis be stashed until after the HOU game or should he be dropped now?

I’d drop Maclin for Clay. Can’t trust the Baltimore offense. Definitely wouldn’t drop Engram…I’d also play McCown next week.


Should I hold Davis or Mariota at all?

I would just because they both have good upside and a nice week 15 matchup against san fran. maybe one of them can give you some confidence next week

who are your other wr’s?

12 std: Brown, Jones, Parker, Juju, Coleman, davis (Also has Mariota in this team)

12 ppr: Landry, Tate, Adams, davis, Coleman

What’s it gonna take for Engram to get back on track? Drops, low targets…still just play him and hope for the return?

With those WR you have you could drop davis if another good waiver option is available…pick up clay and start him this week but definitely hang on to engram. If shepard comes back it’ll open things up for him

I dropped Maclin for Clay in the 12 team ppr so still have those 5 WR’s with Engram and Clay

The 12 team std I am streaming Def’s so put waiver in Cin for LAC and a waiver to drop Davis for McCown.

are you dropping cincy or LAC? wouldnt drop LAC with the way theyre playing right now

Dropping CIN for LAC. At least hopefully. 8th on waivers…

Good luck! Great pickup if you get them.