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Waiver Pick Up


I have the number one waiver claim and I’m not sure who to use it on. The two I’m debating on our Wendell Smallwood and Sterling Shepard. I’m leaning more towards Smallwood since it’s hard to find starting caliber running backs. What are your guys opinion on this pickup?


This week honestly doesn’t have any crazy pick ups like the other weeks have had but yeah i would go with Smallwood


If it’s a full PPR, I’d probably go with Shepard, but if not, probably Smallwood.


It’s a full ppr league


Then I’d go Shepard. He has as many targets & receptions on the year so far as Tyreek Hill. Top 25 in targets and Top 15 in receptions for WRs, I believe. Smallwood hasn’t proved much yet.


Are you in desperate need for a position?
If not I’d just let this week go and keep your waiver spot for another week when a more valuable player pops up.