Waiver Pickup Advice

I currently planning to drop Callaway since he is underperforming. Should I drop him for Snead, Scatling or Kearse?

Yeah, I’m kinda curious about Snead as well. And Scatling….although he’s on BYE this week. But…Snead has a really nice ROS schedule, which is what I’m thinking about. AND…a GREAT matchup this week against N.O. Just not sure if his production will continue or not. He’s not a TD machine but has produced double-digit PPR points in all but one of these past 6 weeks.

Yea currently Im stuck between Kearse and Snead. Maybe even Higgins since I think he’s the better Browns receiver between the two.

I’ve got Snead along with a few others listed in my WW claims for early morning. I’m dropping Keelan Cole for them.

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Care to share what your few others are? :smiley:

Definitely. Albert Wilson, Christian Kirk, Taylor Gabriel and Chester Rogers. I’ve seen a few posts here that had “yays & nays” for each of them.

For me, I’ve just got to do something to get some points going. Just went 2-4 and most likely gonna have to sit Kupp for a week, prob more. And with all these BYES coming up.

So…no matter who I might get from these, they can’t hurt. Even if they only work for me for a week or two. Hey…LOL…at least that’s a week or two worth of more points than I prob would have had. :smirk:

Not to mention that I’m also having to pick up a TE because of BYE this week. Been sitting on Doyle…but THAT SHIP HAS NOW SAILED!!! Been using Jared Cook while waiting on Doyle, but he’s got his BYE this week, so got a claim in for O.J. Howard, which I’m pretty sure I’ll get.

Yea definitely get OJ howard. Out of those 4 I think Gabriel/Rogers have the highest floor. Wilson the highest ceiling.

Yeah. My main concern at the moment is consistency, which is what’s so appealing to me about Rogers and Snead. It’s the on - off weeks that’s been losing me all these weeks. Several of those losses came down to just a few points. Just like last week with Evans getting me only 9 pts and of course Kupp with only 1 pt due to injury. (So of course that can’t really be counted.)