Waiver Pickup Help!

8 team league full PPR.
WR- K. Allen, A.Thielen, E. Sanders, K. Stills, G. Allison, K. Coutee
RB- D.Johnson, T.Yeldon, N.Hines, T. Coleman, A.Jones, A.Collins, L.Miller

Fournette is on waivers so I’d like to grab him to replace Yeldon, maybe drop L.Miller.

I’m trying to prepare for my upcoming bye weeks and I’m kind of sick of Stills, and Miller, and A.Collins (even though he had a good week this week)

I’m considering Christian Kirk or Chester Rodgers… Any thoughts?

Definitely take Fournette. Teamed up with Yeldon you will have a top RB. Kirk has a higher ceiling but Rodgers has the higher floor.

Well Fournette is no longer an option, I dont have enough FAAB points to compete for him.

I can fully understand your frustration. I had both of them. No longer. Replaced Stills with Ekeler and Lamar with Smallwood. The Lamar/Smallwood didn’t do great but…just going on one week. So…

I think I am going to drop miller for Ito and drop Stills for Kirk, hopefully it doesn’t bite me later.

I think you are playing it right. Miller hasn’t been anything great and Kirk seems to have no where to go but up. Provides you good options to play based off of matchups.

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I didn’t get Ito, someone out bid me. Think dropping Miller for Clement would be worth it? I had him earlier this season but dropped him for Yeldon, which has worked out but only until Fournette comes back.

I have clement myself. I think he will eventually take over the backfield. He had an injury and it is going to take a little tome for him to overtake Smallwood. I personally like him and his potential more than Miller. Sorry ya missed on Smith

If you can get Clement definitely would do it!

I actually got really lucky this morning. A helluva lot luckier than I was expecting. Got Ito for Dion, Christian Kirk for Keelan, and O.J. Howard for Doyle. LOL…if my luck holds out I might get a couple of good games out of them before they go down, just like my little man Kupp did.

LOL…tell ya anything about my “luck”? :smirk:

Fournette for sure. Kirk is a good option. Has best chemistry with Rosen and being targeted a lot by him. I do t want anything to do with Stills or Miller. Dropped Collins by week 3. Sounds like your making the right moves.