Waiver Position #1 - help needed


QB: Cam; Wentz
RB: D.Henry; C.Carson; J.Conner; Mostert; A.Gibson; Mattison
WR: M.Thomas; Kupp; C.Ridley; Hollywood Brown; Ruggs III
TE: Hooper

Dud of a week one but I think more of an outlier.

Target Goedert/Jonnu/TJ Hock and drop Hooper; or drop Mattison and grab Hines, Snell, or J.Kelley.

Thanks for the help

I’d target a TE. Likely Hockenson.

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Mattison’s value is contingent on Cook being inactive, if you’ve got #1 priority and Hines is out there, that’s a substantial upgrade in a PPR league. I don’t think there is any doubt after week 1 that Hines will be involved in the passing game. I’ve got Hooper too, but with Njoku injured he’s bound to get more targets (albeit on an offense that is an absolute mess right now). Hock had a big week 1 last year too but proved inconsistent, although being his 2nd year he’s probably improved. Goedert isn’t proven yet either but his target share looks pretty promising. I like the consistency I think Hines has to offer, but Goedert is a play I’d be willing to roll the dice on. The rest I feel like are about as much of a gamble as Hooper is at this point.

I personally am a downer on Gibson so I’d cut Gibson for Snell (since you are a Conner owner). Mattison is a beast if Cooks gets hurt (same with Snell). Hines is gonna be dependent on how they use JTaylor.
But the first pick I would take is Goedert and drop Hooper as you seem to have some depth in RB and need a TE that will produce weekly. I just can’t get myself to trust Hockster.

Keep Mattison, cook is farrrrr from guaranteed to play the whole season. shit if cook does get hurt you have your rb1 for playoffs.

as for TE, I like in this order jonnu->goedart->hock. Remember last year hock had a great week one and then disappeared. and tbh there are way too many targets to get a workload per week (kerryon, swift, ap, jesse james, jones, dola, golladay all worth targets) Goedart will have his games but you def cant expect to outperform ertz or even keep up with ertz plus the entire offense was injured. Jonnu has aj brown as competition for targets, thats it. I think jonnu was a top 10 TE last year under tannehill as well.