Waiver priority #1 - Help me decide!

Need ROS consideration, not just Week 2.

Prioritize order. League is PPR. I can support adding either a WR or a RB.

  • Terry McLaurin
  • Malcolm Brown
  • John Ross

Footballers say consider John Brown too, but I think that’s more a Week 2 thing than ROS.

What say you?

  1. Terry McLaurin, explosive weapon for a team that will have to chuck the ball a lot. Case Keenum was a top 10 QB a couple years ago in MN. No RB sounds familiar.
  2. SMOKE. Josh Stallion and the Bills should be good enough to move the chain’s often. Allen has a Cannon and Smoke runs a 4.3? 40 yd dash. Smoke was great last year until QB play in B-more switched to Lamar… who is kind of like Allen.
  3. John Ross is a decent flex play for 4-6 weeks.
  4. By the time A.J Green comes back, the Bengals get into a rhythm, drop Ross for Malcolm Brown.
    Gurley will probably be worn down by then.

Thanks. Prob should of said I’m in a 14 team league with 10 starters and 7 bench PLUS 2 IR. So deep. Way deep. Brown will get claimed this week. A four of these guys will.