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Waiver priority on Luck?


Guy dropped Luck. Should I use my number 4 priority on him? Cousins is my QB, I would drop either kamara or prosise


Luck could put you over the top. Prosise is hit or miss in a complex back field and having Luck is also good trade bait when he comes back IF the redskins O pans out. Hope this helps !


Man, I don’t know. It could be a steal, or it could be nothing. He genuinely scares me right now. How do waivers work in your league? Do they reset weakly, or is it rolling?


It’s rolling. I went ahead and used it on him. I dropped kamara for him so i don’t think I was losing much. And i figure in a few weeks ill be right back up near the 4 position.


In that case, it’s a no brainer