Waiver Priority Query

So we have rolling waiver priority, resets weekly to reverse order of standing. Not ideal but i used this to my advantage fairly well last year.

Question this week Edelman and Yeldon are my top targets and I’m dropping back the Browns DST and Eli to get them. I’m not the Fournette owner, i pick before him and most of the savvy league members do i get Yeldon first and list Edelman as number 2 or do i almost guarantee getting Edelman by putting him at 1 and letting the bottom 4 losing record teams try for Yeldon?

Hines is available and as a ROS guy i wonder if he has more value and if can ensure Edelman and Hines would that be a better play? I’d like Yeldon as i have Cook and Mixon to come back but my need is at WR, with Green/Baldwin/Davis/Mike Williams - thoughts/tactics?

Take yeldon RBS are thin on waivers. Granted Edelman is a good grab but I wouldn’t feel confident starting him right away coming off a suspension. Plus you can possibly trade yeldon away

I was leaning that way too, they way WRs are you can always find one on the wire and yes if i get Yeldon i could hold the Fournette owner to ransom if he misses substantial time.

Would you grab a guy like Njoku as well to cover Gronk as my second pick up? I hate rostering two TE’s but if Gronk misses time and the way the TE landscape is i can see him getting scooped up and the rest of the options are trash - like TD or bust trash so would rather get a guy who at least will get some safe targets

So your current RB’s are only Cook and Mixon?

Oh no i have Gordon, Coleman and Kerryon as well. Just gauging the best option from the waivers for play now/ROS and covering me while Mixon gets healthy and Cook gets healthy and comes to form

I think I’d go for the Edelman/Hines route based on your team. You’re deep at RB, not so much at WR and Edelman is literally the perfect WR to compensate for a not-deep WR lineup bc of his usual durability/dependability. And he’s great for PPR. Yeldon is great too for PPR too and in general, but he had his own injury issues that almost kept him out of Week 2. If he gets a heavier workload I worry a bit abt that injury coming back into play.

So yeah, I’d just go after Edelman first regardless. I’d list Yeldon at 2 and Hines at 3.

No thoughts to getting Njoku in first and then swapping him out if Gronk plays just as insurance?

I imagine based on my league that Hines will clear waivers to be honest…

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I think Edelman is the best player/option for you to acquire of all these guys, so if you have a shot at him I’d give it up to try.

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Thanks - final thought: I was also thinking if i get Yeldon I may try and straight away pressure the Fournette owner into trading my John Brown, he’s deep at WR and Brown sits on his bench…

I honestly would rather have Edelman that John Brown too. Not Edelman as a person, bc he is a creep and cheater too apparently, but for Edelman the athlete - I like his prospects better personally with Brady and their very well-established rapport.

WIth brown, That would not be a bad outcome for you at all though - getting Brown or eeven being stuck with a Yeldon who has played great.

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I’ll give things a shot and see where the chips fall. Either way i think i’m ending up with at least one useful player, best case i’ll get two

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