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Waiver priority this week


Out of Juju Smith-Schuster and Kenyan Drake, who would you try to get first on waivers and why? Need for RB and WR is about the same it’s more so just adding value to my bench. Standard scoring 10 team league… I know Juju has a bye this week but that’s ok my lineup is set, who has more value ROS? Thanks for any input!


i’d say juju has SLIGHTLY more value, but both come with risks. mia OL hasn’t been very good so far and he may or may not be the starter there. Juju may have to compete with bryant, though. Tough to judge on both these guys right now




Leaning juju at this point since it seems drake will most likely be in the committee with Williams. I will try to get both both but most likely will end up with juju since people in my league tend to stay away from waiver pickups on a bye for whatever reason. Thank you for the advice, definitely very helpful. One other question for you and this may sound crazy but would you rather start Wentz this week against Denver or Tyrod against the Jets? Thanks in advance!


In a 10team should not need Esther one in my option


If I could grab JuJu…I would be dead on top of it.!!!


Actually…grabbing one on their BYE week is the smartest thing to do if you can. AS YOU SAID…many don’t hit waivers on BYE weeks…IF YOU’RE AHEAD OF THE GAME…THAT’S “EXACTLY” WHEN TO HIT THE WW…because…ummmm…(do I need go further???)


Very good point indeed and that week 10 matchup against the colts doesn’t get much better. Thanks for the input and good luck this week!