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Waiver Priority who to grab first


In terms of me picking a player off waivers first, would you pick up Aaron Jones (GB RB) or ASJ first? I’m currently 6th on waivers priority… I own ty Montgomery and Jimmy Graham is on a bye… who should I prioritize to get first? I’m 2-3 and really need a win this week


I’d go Jones. He’s likely to go before anyways. Is anyone else keen for a tight end. Engram owner or clay owner are they ahead or behind as that may make your choice for you. Also look at what other tight ends are possible as it’s just a one week loan look at the streaming options (there are a few this week)


Aron Jones really going to taker over TY? I dont think so.

Theyll go back to the norm when hes healthy

I would never blow a waiver pickup on a TE unless its Gronk lol


Yeah you’re right and I am right ahead of the clay owner and 2 slots below the witten owner. Im planning on prioritizing jones as a protection of investment on ty mont. A few guys need TE’s this week… theres pretty slim pickings, right now there is ASJ, Hunter Henry, Jared Cook, Martellus Bennett, Ryan Griffin, and Njoku/kittle as the primary options. If I miss out on ASJ should I target Henry? Like I said I really need a win this week since I am sitting at 2-3 but you are right, this is just a 1 week rental


Are you pretty confident Ty resumes his normal workload when healthy? Jones looked really good against Dallas and that has me nervous. I actually just traded for Ty Montgomery with the hope he can return to form and I can flex him every week and have 3 top 10 RBs in my lineup (Hunt, Bell, Montgomery)


I say they do I mean they converted him from WR to RB, either way hell still have a role.

How you know Williams wont take over Jones??? there’s 3 Rb’s in GB

I bet you could pickup Njoku with no waiver at 12am.


Thats what I am thinking, I was just going to pick up Jones to protect my investment in Ty Mont. Im also trying to pick up ASJ or Hunter Henry… who would you try to grab first? ASJ vs NE or Henry vs OAK


Ty Mont is also still listed as questionable with the broken ribs


hmmm then go for it (Jones) but have a backup plan, ASJ should be your go to target BTW.


Got it my waiver priority looks like this #1 Aaron Jones #2 ASJ #3 Hunter Henry #4 Devin Funchess #5 Rob Kelly


REALLY??? I always thought that a player on the WW until Wed Am meant that they weren’t available until all the WW claims were processed. Which for my league is always somewhere around 4 - 4:30 AM ET. My entire league is in the ET zone except for me. I’m in the CST zone. Sooo…would that mean that I could go in around 11:00 tonight and be able to beat the WW processes??? LOL


I’m betting it wouldn’t fly, simply because it would give me an unfair advantage over the rest of my league. But…couldn’t help but ask out of curiosity when I saw that posted.


Noo lol I think you’re misunderstanding… he most likely meant 130am pst whereas 430am est. would be nice lol but that would never fly


@7milestyle LOL…yeah that’s what I was thinking. Well hell!!! LOLOL