Waiver Priotiry for Coutee

So as a Fuller owner I got screwed last night for two reasons.

  1. Not flexing him.
  2. Likely a torn ACL.

I know its a bit early to ask this given waivers aren’t for 5 days, but if Coutee was avaliable and good to go would you use waiver priority to grab him? Or hold out in case another major injury happens, or somebody makes a drop mistake

Tough call. Coutee has a hamstring issue and as a Dalvin Cook owner, I’m kind of sensitive towards players w/ hamstring problems…

If you have good depth at WR maybe you don’t need Coutee, but if you’re thin at WR I might take a chance.

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Next player is funchess.
So I do not have the best depth at WR.
Yeah I have fournette in one league i am in, so i know hamstring problems all to well.

thanks bud.

Typically its hard to assume “handcuff” WR’s, but in this case I think Coutee can be a good pickup. Both Fuller and Coutee did well in games where the other was out. I will be hoping to pick him up after losing Fuller this week as well.