Waiver Question!

To all the commissioners out there, if someone in your league were to accidentally drop a player that they didn’t mean to drop, would you put them back on that members team or is that player fair game? Just curious

I guess it doesn’t have to just be commissioners. Just anyone in general have an opinion on it?

In your opinion, is it an easy mistake to make, or would you have to be stupid/really not paying attention for that to happen? I know that would be difficult to do in my league (Yahoo). In any case, it’d probably have to go to a vote, although I’ve seen some cases like that go in the favor of the person who dropped.

I don’t think it’s an easy mistake to make, but I don’t blame it for happening. Just must have hit the wrong button. I just think it’s wrong for someone else in the league to get a decent player for a dumb mistake by another team

That’s true. Who was dropped? If it was obviously unreasonable, then I don’t see why the player shouldn’t be restored to the original team

I’ve done it twice. The first time was a guy who was brand new to fantasy and thought dropping a player was putting him on the bench. The other was a guy who I know needs reading glasses to see his phone and accidentally dropped Matt Ryan instead of Matt Bryant. I know it was a vision issue. It happened while I was out of town so Ryan got picked up. I mediated between the two and got it settled.

It was Danny Woodhead. Not the biggest deal but definitely someone who could make a difference over the next few weeks