Waiver question?

I’m a Kamara owner and have Ty Montgomery in the last spot on my bench (half ppr) and was thinking of dropping him for Mike Gillislee to have as a handcuff (was not able to draft Ingram). Should I do it? I could use some further insight and appreciate any input. Thanks!

Mike Gillislee is going to be your vulture, not handcuff. Boston Scott would probably get the expanded role if Alvin went down.

Boston Scott was cut. Saints only have Gilly and Kamara as their RBs. Way I see it, Montgomery and Gilly are equal. They’re both the #2 til the other suspended guy gets back. (Aaron Jones and Ingram). I believe Gilly is likely to have more short term value than Ty, so I’d go with him. Neither has a great outlook long term.

wow … thanks… sleeper app has failed me

I did just read that Scott cleared waivers though and signed with the Saints practice squad. So he’s still around, but obviously Sean Payton likes Gilly more than Scott.

Your points on right in line with my thinking and appreciate all of the prompt responses. Much love Footclan and good luck this weekend!