Waiver RB shots

0.5 PPR, not a ton of RB depth - Zeke, Najee, Edmonds, and AJ Dillon.

Would you drop someone like Jakobi Meyers for the shot on Ty Johnson or Tyson Williams see what happens week 1?

Other WR are Keenan Allen, Godwin, Deebo, Pittman, Claypool, and Michael Thomas sitting on IR

I’d probably hang on to Meyers for week 1. He’s the WR1/2 on the depth chart with a rookie QB. I know you cant predict anything in Bill’s offense but he is more likely to produce earlier in the season than Johnson, Williams and Jones Jr. You can always trade him if he blows up early.

I would not.

I’d hold off on making any moves here Week 1. Meyers should have a pretty decent year and you may be able to trade him for someone better than Ty Johnson or Tyson Williams.

I like taking a shot on Williams for a stash but not over Myers. You would have to really be in bad shape at RB before I would consider that move.