Waiver score! now what

Ive been desperate for a 3rd rb on the team only have CMC and Monty but got lucky and saw Jordan Howard was dropped because of bye and injury issues on a team and i got him.

The eagles playoff schedule seems really nice but i do have some talks for trades but would you wanna try to upgrade or stick with what might be a nice stretch of games with a uptick in carries lately?

NE, Sea, @Mia, NYG, @Was, Dal, @NYG

Jordan Howard doesn’t have much trade value…count your blessings that he was on waivers and stick.

Really hes rb 16 on the year for us and his last 2 and yes i know its only 2 but hes jumped in carries at 23 and 19 has 6 tds on the year how does he not have value? i feel like him and ertz to a te needy team can land me like a better rb2 am i way off?

if you can convince them of the value and you have depth at TE then cool. But nothing wrong with howard.

I have andrews and ertz for te and i keep struggling with which to play week in week out itd be for like a derrick henry as the team has him and jones on bye this week and needs a starter that plays this week