Waiver - Should I drop Sermon to pick up Mitchell?

Title. I have Sermon and I am not sure if I should drop him to go for Mitchell. Thoughts?

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I wouldn’t drop him just yet. They drafted Sermon for this role. Mitchell is a 6th round rookie who did well against a weak Detroit defense.

Nah, you should drop your worst WR for him and see how things shake out.

No not yet. Sermon could still have a significant role for 49ers.

I’m all for adding Mitchell to see but not at expense of an rb with similar upside if situation changes even slightly.

Thanks for the advice. I will hold tight, much appreciated!

I would keep Sermon. You could go after Mitchell if you have someone obvious to drop but you already own a piece of the SF backfield, just let it play out and hope you’ve got the better piece. Draft capital would say they give Sermon a good run at some point this season.

Also, I wouldn’t sweat him not being active last week - both Mitchell and Hasty play special teams so it didn’t make sense to dress 4 RBs. Sermon will be active going forward.

I also have Michael Carter and was thinking about dumping him in general as well, whether for Mitchel or for the next pickup. I just was not sure if it was worth having both, I don’t want to throw a ton of faab away early

He is available in another league I am in with a 4 rb max and I have:

Damien Harris
Ronald Jones

Would it be worth dropping Jones here for Mitchell?

Anyone you can do a quick deal to trade Jones to? If not then no I’ll hold firm with Jones and wait on next waiver hotness.

I’d drop Carter for Mitchell, if you can get him, and then you’ll have the SF sitch kinda covered.

But I wouldn’t drop Jones for him when you don’t have Sermon in that league.

Too late for waivers, but I’d not move Sermon. At least not yet.