Waiver Strategy - Puzzle Piece Help!

The puzzle piece is there but I just can’t see it. Need some help with this. Like I said in my precious post, I am hurting with byes and injury this week. Full team:

QB - Wilson (BYE) - Trying to pick up Jimmy G
RB - Gordon, Ballage / Barkley (BYE), Gallman (BYE), Murray, Mattison
WR - Fitz, Beasley, Woods / Thielen (out), Lockett (BYE),
TE - Fant / Hooper (OUT)

I am second in my league at 7-3 behind the #1 guy who is 8-2. This week my opponent is ranked 10th. I am waiting for the wire to hit so I can pick up Jimmy G (hopefully). Obviously, Hooper hurts me a lot. Hollister is on the waiver wire but on BYE. Do I sacrifice dropping someone to grab him now? He has a JUICY play-off matchup? Who do I drop? Do I risk the waiver next week? I have tried HARD to send the hand-cuffs to their owners but none of them are budging. Thoughts?