Waiver Tilt Last Minute

Drop Corey Davis for Rodale Moore? Full PPR league other receivers are Kupp, Pittmann, Claypoole, also have Waller at TE.

I’d rather have Corey Davis I think. It’s nowhere near as good of a team but I think I want a bad teams number 1 than an excellent teams really good prospect who could be second option but could also easily be behind AJ, kirk and Edmonds.

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Agree with the Corey Davis take. He should be more stable.

Anyone else you could drop? I like both but for different reasons. I think Davis will be steadily targeted and the team will be behind and throwing a lot.

Moore is more of a guy you toss in if you need the upside of a big game where maybe he could catch a long touchdown or two any given Sunday.

Do you have a big play bonus for like a 40 yard gain or anything?

Thanks for the advice all, decided to hang on to Davis through week 3. No regrets.