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Waiver Wire Advice


Hey Footclan! I’m in a full ppr league. I’m thinking of possibly picking up some players available now. Allen Hurns, Marqise Lee and Foreman who are available now. Potential drops would be Sanu and Corey Davis. Also someone dropped Cooper Kupp, but I’d have to wait for next week’s waivers to pick him up. Any suggestions\advice is apprecited. Thank You and good luck in your matchups this weekend. God Bless!


Lee and Hurns IMO are always 50/50. I feel like one has a great game and the other dud.

I would pass on Foreman.

If I had to drop someone I would drop Davis. Davis has a bad matchup. Sanu has a great high scoring matchup vs Lions.

What does your entire team look like?


Matt Ryan, Jordy, Keenan Allen, Tate, DeSean Jackson, Corey Davis, Gurley, Dalvin Cook, James White, Carson, Buck Allen, Eifert, Jared Cook for this week, Eagles defense for this week, Oakland Kicker for this week


If this was me, I would hold and wait and see. You have 3 options here: Lee, Hurns, and Kupp to pick. I guarantee you will get one after this week.

You have a great, solid team. Sometimes the best thing to do is to not do anything.


I forgot Sanu

Corey Davis is out this week anyway, but figured he may have some upside later this year.


Sounds good, thanks bud