Waiver Wire Decision

Ballers! Trying to decide on the following.

Dede Westbrook and Corey Davis are still available in my league. I dropped Pierre Garçon due to his injury. I have Rishard Mathews in my bench and Adam Thielen.
Should I drop Mathews and pick up Davis? Also add Westbrook? These guys would be in my bench since I have Mike Evans and Golden Tate.


I’d fill the empty spot with Corey Davis.

Not sure I’d drop Matthews for Westbrook. But if you don’t see yourself playing Matthews, go for it

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With a struggling Titan passing game, I believe Corey Davis has a higher ceiling than Matthews coming back for Sundays (Keep Thielen). Richard Matthews unfortunately isn’t the stud from last year that I personally hoped he would be + Decker isn’t doing much either. If anything, you won’t start either over Evans or Tate, but Matthews has shown what he can do (which isn’t much) while healthy. A big week 1 from Davis then was injured, I think him being healthy again will see similar production if not higher than what Matthews has produced.

Plus… he was a absolute stud in college and they drafted him high for a reason. They want him to play and produce and the Titans need to change something up for Mariota because he’s even been unproductive.

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I’m thinking I’ll see how it works out between Corey and Rishard. End up dropping one or the other after a week or two. I feel Westbrook has upside here which is why I considered picking him up too.