Waiver Wire, Drop R. Freeman?

So I picked up Royce Freeman a week ago as a flyer to hold through his bye. I think he is a talented back behind decent line. He is capped by Lindsay, but I think he will have low end stand alone value and big upside if anything happened to Lindsay. That being said, I need wr help. Would you drop him for any or all of these receivers: Anthony Miller, Josh Reynolds, John Ross. Would likely have to use 10-15 of my 40 remaining FAAB, or should I just roll with Freeman and trust my current receivers. I have no bye weeks left for rb or wr. Thanks.

Qb: Rivers
Rb: Mixon, Fournette, Cook, C. Thompson, J. Richard, R. Freeman
Wr: A. Brown, G. Tate, J. Brown, C. Sutton
TE: Njoku (Bye) Doyle

Bump…any waiver wire thoughts. Anything appreciated.

I think you would be okay to drop one of the three Thompson, Richard or Freeman. I think out of those I would rather drop Richard, or even Thompson given his injury history, but if this is PPR I can understand otherwise.

I think Miller might be a good pickup ROS.

Sutton also has a nice schedule ROS.

Maybe between the two of them you can get enough stars in to cover until Tate gets back up to speed.

I appreciate it. I want to drop Richard cuz he has no upside, but if anything happens to my big 3 backs he is the only one I can actually stick into my lineup

No I think Freeman has great end of season (look at his schedule) and Tate will come on strong once he learns the offense

I am a lindsay owner. DJ and Collins are my other startable rb.
would you drop Ito for royce? 2rb/wr 1flex.
Collins has a shit matchup week 16 (LAC), when the broncos play the raiders.

Royce has upside. I wouldn’t expect too much from him but he could be flexed some weeks ros in his current situation.

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I’d have to check the Falcons schedule, but top of mind I’d rather have Royce than Ito ROS. If it were my team I would drop Ito for Royce in a heartbeat

I’d stick with what you have. I don’t think Miller is clearly better than any of your other WR’s outside of AB.

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Nobody in the NFL gets more separation out of the break than Miller except A Brown. He’s had increased usage since their bye and has rounded back into shape after a separated shoulder. Bears offense is producing to the point that Mitch will probably break the Bears season record for yards and td passes. I won’t say he’s better than any of his other WR, but I don’t think he is any worse than Sutton or Richard and I honestly don’t know about Thompson with his injury concerns. Bears schedule is nice too.

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I like your WR but Thompson is droppable to me. Richard has 3+ catches and 38+ receiving yards in 8 or 9 games this year and is a top 30 PPR RB in 7 of 9 games. He has a high floor. Freeman can be a nice asset down the stretch

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