Waiver Wire Ethics?

This might be the wrong forum, so please forgive me if that’s the case.

12 team, half-PPR redraft league.

Story: Waiver wire goes through, the #1 team picks up Jonathan Williams, despite already having Coleman, Jacobs, Samuels, and Chubb on his starting roster, and not dropping any of them to pick up Williams. As a result, Williams had to ride his bench. I put in a waiver for Williams because despite me being #3 in the league, I am hurting for a decent RB (only have White, Hill, McKissic, and Freeman) and have been hurting for one all season ever since Kerryon was injured. Other teams also put in waivers for Williams, but as #1 had priority due to how things played out, Williams fell to him.

I feel that #1’s current stack of RB’s is already more than ok (correct me if I am wrong, please) and I believe Williams was taken just so no one else could have him. #1 is also already in the playoffs, so that’s even more confusing to me. And he’s the commissioner…

So footclan, do you this is something that is fair or unfair to the rest of the league? Is this all part of the game and I’m being a baby about it, or was an unspoken rule broken and I should speak up if nothing changes come next week?

Thank you all, and good luck!

Nope, his roster, his choice. It’s totally a fair play. Ive been hoarding Defenses for the playoffs so I dropped Buffalo’s D because I need team A to beat team B, and team A has a high waiver priority, on the cusp of the playoffs and has a crummy D in right now. Im hoping he will pick em up and play them this week and win so i can lock a first round bye. Its all strategy man and he’s using bench spots to play keep away from others.

Its not nice to be on the end of this, but the guy is playing to win and doing it right in my opinion. His RB situation is good already but blocking opponents is fair game and its also insurance in case he has some injury disaster occur in near future.

As Gordon Gecko says, Greed for want of a better word, is good. At least for fantasy anyway

Just to add the third voice here, I’m affair this is 100% fine and just the nature of the game.

Stockpiling players for blocking or trade chips throughout the season is just good management. I for one have always run my teams like this, just because I don’t need a player doesn’t mean he has no value for me. Generally any player worth putting FAAB or using waiver priority has value to multiple owners, even if you don’t need them they will have value to another manager. That’s why you go for them, then you hold to block or trade them to them for something you need.