Waiver Wire help! Desperation pick up

Im in desperate need of an WR to play this week, all my starters are on bye and my bench got injured last week lol. i also have cooper on my bench, hes on bye and im wanting to drop him, so if you could pick up 2 WRs on the waivers, who would it be?
Standard 10-team league. Here are the WRs on the waiver:
MIA - Albert Wilson( vs DET)
DET - Marvin jones ( @ MIA)
ARI - Christian Kirk ( vs DEN)
JAX - Dede Westbrook ( vs HOU)
NO - Ted Ginn ( @ BAL)
NYJ - Jermaine Kearse or Terrelle Pryor ( vs MIN)
CHI - Taylor Gabriel ( vs NE)

forgot to add, im going against thielen and boyd this week, so i might need the highest upside i can get

Albert Wilson and I’d take a dart at Kirk what with Chris Harris covering Fitz.

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Wilson and Taylor

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Wilson is the best receiver in the dolphins rn, so i would pick him up
And i like kearse now that enunwa is out. Vikings defense has been very average, nothing that will decimate kearse value

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Wow. What I wouldn’t do to have those choices on Waivers…

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well, is a 10-team league and most of the guys like to roster 2 QBs and 2 TE as a safe back up… that leaves some good wr options at the wire

I like Kearse for the higher floor this week at least, but man, Gabriel, Wilson, and Kirk have great matchups. I like Kirk ROS and this week. Denver is bad on defense especially on the road. I think Wilson and Gabriel have the higher ceilings this week for upside.

Jones is a great player too man. Tough call this week…

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Yeah, its been a hard decision to make lol im def going wilson, and maybe kearse because the guys talked him up on the pod today haha but i like kirk’s matchup, well, is most likely that at least one of this guys wont be picked up tomorrow, then i will have another hard decision to make if im getting another wr

Any thoughts on Willie Snead this week? He’s got N.O. AND…his ROS looks pretty good TBH.