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Waiver wire help please


I’m in a full ppr league…I hav zach Ertz (currently in concussion protocol) and I also hav Olsen…do I hold onto Olsen or drop him for either brate or burton to backup Ertz If he’s out this week? Don’t kno If I should keep holding onto Olsen or not…


Bump please


Brate has a great matchup and if your in the playoffs and want to win I think Brate has the better day then Olsen. I would consider dropping an WR you dont plan to use and have just been holding onto or a backup QB.


I hav Goff and Stafford as my qbs…Olsen and Ertz as tes, my WRs r Baldwin Adams fitz and Crowder


i would be surprised if Ertz cannot play. I still have Brate higher than Olsen for this week. Baldwin has a bad matchup but you cannot drop him. if Stafford cant play then drop him or drop Crowder if you do not think you can part with any of them.


I earned a bye this week in my league…so I’m pretty much jus trying to take away good targets from the wire so my opponents can’t use them against me…brate will b a prime target cause 3 of the 4 teams in the playoffs in my league don’t hav great te options I would like to add Brate burton and Mike Davis if that’s possible but I only hav 2 positions that I can drop unless I drop Olsen too…