Waiver Wire IR Sneak -- E. Sanders, J. Crowder, or J. Reagor

So there was a couple owners in a desperate spot who dropped some folks I probably would have tried to hold on to. I can’t scoop them all up so I think I need some help with priority. How would y’all put these folks in order rest of season assuming I don’t need a start right away?

I could drop Gio Bernard (I know he should have a great game this week, but I have an OK back up and I expect Mixon back after their bye week)


  1. Emmanuel Sanders
  2. Jamison Crowder
  3. Jalen Reagor
  4. Austin Hooper

Don’t drop Gio

I’d go for hooper if you need a TE. Otherwise Crowder will likely be the best WR of the 3 just because of his targets, but Raegor could be sneaky rest of the way if he takes over from Fulgham, which he should be able to


Keep gio. Hooper could get more without obj after he comes back from injury. I lean crowder leading the league in targets per game. Then reagor being a good second Or 1B option with wentz.

Crowder for floor and consistent.
Reagor if you want the ceiling.

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I think crowder is probably your best option